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Happenings at 4.0 Cellars

Carl Hudson
December 5, 2018 | Carl Hudson

Crazy Wine Questions

“When do they add the cherries (blueberries, tobacco, vanilla, etc.) to the wine?” This question is often asked after tasting room visitors read the tasting descriptions for wines they are offered. The answer is relatively simple, but may not be totally satisfying to a customer. Most fruit and other flavors found in wines are generally produced naturally during the fermentation process via yeast conversion of sugars to alcohol and a number of minor by-products that results in the myriad flavors wines can offer. Other flavors are derived during the aging process, especially from toasted oak barrels or alternatives. It is always fun for winemakers to go through the winemaking process and see what aromas and flavors result from their efforts.  Continue »

Carl Hudson
November 7, 2018 | Carl Hudson

Wine Club November, 2018

The weather has changed here in Texas as temperatures are dropping along with leaves from the trees. We have endured the heavy rains, and occasional flooding in October. It is now time for fall weather and another 4.0 Cellars Wine Club Release. The Wine Club Pickup Parties are scheduled on Sundays: 4-Nov, 11-Nov, & 18-Nov. If you Wine Club Members would like to join the party and share time with lots of other club members, check the website ( and make your reservations. We would love to share your company. Remember that you can enjoy a 30% discount on wine purchases, on-site during Club Sundays or online during the two weeks in between.  Continue »

Carl Hudson
October 24, 2018 | Carl Hudson

Mac & Cheese - Comfort Food Extraordinaire

The delicious raw milk cheeses from Veldhuizen Cheese Farm in Dublin, Texas, available at 4.0 Cellars, continue to tempt me to prepare my favorite comfort food, Macaroni and Cheese. These Veldhuizen cheeses are part of the Texas Cheese and Wine Experience offered at 4.0 Cellars. These pairings include 5 different cheeses with 5 wines (usually 2 white and 3 red) from the 4.0 Cellars winery partners: Brennan Vineyards, Lost Oak Winery and McPherson Cellars. The pairings are guided by a knowledgeable 4.0 staff member, and normally last about 45-50 minutes. Advanced reservations are required and are typically limited to 12 people for each session, regularly scheduled at 11:30 am, 1:00 pm, and 2:30 pm daily, plus private sessions typically scheduled at 4:00 pm or after.  Continue »

Carl Hudson
October 12, 2018 | Carl Hudson

Nero d’Avola Update 2018– A Sicilian Connection

With the recent release of a new bottling of Brennan Vineyards Super Nero 2016, it seemed appropriate to provide an update on the Nero d’Avola grape variety. Nero d’Avola (also known as Calabrese) is an important and widely planted red wine grape variety on the island of Sicily. The name literally means “Black of Avola”, highlighting the grape’s extremely dark color. Although the grape may have originated in the Calabria region of mainland Italy, its strongest presence today is in Sicily. The primary growing areas are located in the countryside near the town of Avola on Sicily’s southeast coast – a key trade region in the Middle Ages. Since that time, and up to the present day, Nero d’Avola has most often been used in blends to add color and body to lesser wines, especially those from mainland Italy.  Continue »

Carl Hudson
September 26, 2018 | Carl Hudson

Flavor Adjustments for Wine

An interesting article about adjusting the flavor profile in wines caught my attention last week. Since the Texas grape harvest is essentially done, and most of the fruit is in the process of being converted into wine, it seems like a good time to discuss various techniques used to adjust flavors in the 2018 vintage wines we will be enjoying in 2019-2020.  Continue »

Carl Hudson
September 14, 2018 | Carl Hudson

What are Tannins in Wine?

Tannins are a subject often mentioned by folks in the wine business, especially in tasting notes and around winery tasting rooms. Because a number of visitors to the 4.0 Cellars tasting room ask about tannins, it seemed appropriate to address these interesting and somewhat mysterious molecules that appear to be important to wine. So, here is my story on “What are Tannins in Wine?”  Continue »

Carl Hudson
August 31, 2018 | Carl Hudson

4.0 Cellars Wine Club Sundays – September, 2018

Something new is happening at 4.0 Cellars. Actually, there are several new things happening. First of all, construction has begun on a new building that will provide indoor event space and extra tasting room space. Most of the back of the property has been fenced off for this construction phase, and several announcements via Facebook and Instagram have been posted. This will have an impact on our Wine Club Sunday events since that back-yard grassy space will not be available. Parking options will also be altered, but don’t worry as additional parking space on a neighboring property has been arranged.  Continue »

Carl Hudson
August 15, 2018 | Carl Hudson

Texas High Plains Vineyards, Aug-2018

Many Texas wine drinkers don’t realize that about 80% of all wine grapes in Texas are grown on the Texas High Plains, mostly west of Lubbock. Folks are generally surprised to learn that the vineyards producing these grapes are located a 4-6 hour drive from where most of the Texas wineries and tasting rooms are located. During harvest season, usually late July through late September, a LOT of trucks and trailers can be seen on Texas highways hauling grapes and grape must to be processed by wineries in the Red River area, Central West Texas, and the Texas Hill Country. After enjoying a wonderful 5-day adventure to the Texas High Plains where the 2018 harvest was just beginning, it seemed a good idea to address this distance gap between Texas grapes and Texas wineries and tasting rooms.  Continue »

Carl Hudson
July 18, 2018 | Carl Hudson

Dolcetto – Light Red for Texas

Dolcetto is becoming a regular participant in the Texas Wine Industry, featured in red blends, as an easy drinking varietal wine, and as all or part of a rose’ bottling. This grape is widely grown in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. The name literally translates as “little sweet one,” but that does not mean that the grape reaches high sugar levels at ripeness, or that it is generally used to make sweet wines. Dolcetto is relatively tolerant to drought conditions and produces fruity wines with moderate tannins and acidity. Dolcetto wines are typically meant to be drunk young, especially if made as a varietal or rose’.  Continue »

Carl Hudson
July 7, 2018 | Carl Hudson

Customer Service in the Tasting Room

One of the best sessions at the Texas Hill Country Wineries (THCW) Symposium, held 11,12-Jan-2018 at Horseshoe Bay Resort, was a guided panel discussion on Customer Service in the Winery Tasting Room. I have been in this business long enough to understand how important customer service is to an enjoyable wine country experience. And, it is one of the three key parts of a great winery/tasting room experience that includes a first-class location with an inviting and comfortable tasting room, top-quality wines, and great customer service.  Continue »