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Happenings at 4.0 Cellars

Carl Hudson
September 26, 2018 | Carl Hudson

Flavor Adjustments for Wine

An interesting article about adjusting the flavor profile in wines caught my attention last week. Since the Texas grape harvest is essentially done, and most of the fruit is in the process of being converted into wine, it seems like a good time to discuss various techniques used to adjust flavors in the 2018 vintage wines we will be enjoying in 2019-2020.  Continue »

Carl Hudson
September 14, 2018 | Carl Hudson

What are Tannins in Wine?

Tannins are a subject often mentioned by folks in the wine business, especially in tasting notes and around winery tasting rooms. Because a number of visitors to the 4.0 Cellars tasting room ask about tannins, it seemed appropriate to address these interesting and somewhat mysterious molecules that appear to be important to wine. So, here is my story on “What are Tannins in Wine?”  Continue »