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Brennan Vineyards
Comanche, TX

Pat and Trellise Brennan can recall the moment they fell in love with wine while in Carmel, California, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. After tasting the famous 1973 Stag’s Leap Cabernet and a 1974 Mondavi Cabernet, they were hooked.
In 1997, the Brennans purchased a historic home in Comanche, Texas. Shortly after purchasing the house, they also bought 33 acres next to it. Following the advice of friend and colleague Richard Becker, Pat and Trellise started Brennan Vineyards in 2001 and planted a vineyard on their property in 2002.
Their initial plan was to focus on growing grapes, but after some “garage winemaking,” they caught the winemaking bug. Brennan Vineyards now spans 37 acres in Comanche County, and combining that grape with additional fruit from vineyards in West Texas and with the winemaking expertise of Todd Webster, the Brennans produce world-class wines that are recognized in international competitions.

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